2022: Seems Wrong To Say Happy New year

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Remember how everyone felt when we were putting 2020 behind? There was this feeling like we were putting behind us the worst year ever. Well, that was hopeful because 2021 did not work out so well. Celebrating the new year in the middle of all this darkness just seems wrong. I must be honest; I am not looking forward to 2022. I do not see a single indicator that anything is going to change with this man as president. Joe Biden personally made 2021 worse than it had to be, and he is not going to make anything any better in 2022.

I guess with so many people dead, we should at least be glad that we are alive, but that seems a low bar. All the great stuff that happened under the Trump years before the virus seems ages away now. Everyone I know is so fatigued from all of this. I see people just sick of it all. Watching what this has done to children gets me so down. Watching their childhoods be destroyed is very hard to see. Watching my fellow adults make it even worse for them with their selfish decisions. Realizing what scum teachers’ unions and many teachers were stunning.

Losing complete respect for public health officials feels permeant to me, I will never trust those scamps again. Letting these horrible people run the country into the ground is unforgivable. Having a weak president that will not stand up to them and does everything they say is heartbreaking. Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel is disconcerting. Wondering if people I love will survive another year of this or whether they will get sick is scary. With all of this in mind, we shot off fireworks, screamed Happy New Year, and made black-eyed peas to bring in the new year of 2022.

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