Year In Review: The Dark Year Of Joe Biden

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It is hard to put into words, and I am a wordsmith, how dark this last year has been. Look how the year is ending, this is very bad. Joe Biden has ushered in a year of darkness, death, and suffering on a scale that just seems unbelievable. The man is personally responsible for more death and destruction of our nation, and there is not enough political spin in the entire world to cover it up.

To say Joe Biden is one of America’s biggest mistakes is to state the obvious. The term buyer’s remorse does not come close to how many people feel. To think that this one man and his policies brought us such death and flat-out American suffering, it hurts to even ponder it. The darkness is ongoing, and it seems never-ending. People are still dying every day because of him. We have three more years of this man. Look what he did in one year for heaven’s sakes.

In the middle of a hundred-year pandemic, Joe Biden opened our southern border and allowed over two million illegal aliens to just walk on in. They brought with them death, sickness, human trafficking, poisonous drugs, murder, and unspeakable crimes against children and women. Joe Biden did that. We were at a forty-year low in illegal crossing until Joe opened the border. He brought us all of that suffering just so he can undo something good Trump did.

Joe’s handling of the COVID-19 alone has brought so much death upon us. He conned the whole nation saying he would shut down the virus and then he did nothing for the last year. He did nothing on therapeutics and people died. If they did not die and survive, they suffered needlessly due to his non-action. He targeted his Republican rivals and cut of monoclonal antibodies to the states run by Republicans and killed Lord knows how many people. He is still doing that right now; the man is a monster.

He seems so disconnected from everything; he did not even know what “Let’s Go Brandon” meant. Stadiums of people chanting for the man to just F*** off for most of the year and he did not even know! Always, that cold-hearted wife of his sitting next to him with God knows what agenda. These are bad people that are doing very bad things. This is a bad family; his brother is under investigation. His son is under investigation. I can’t believe how bad things are.

More people died of the virus under Joe Biden in his first year than Trump in 2020. Joe had three vaccines, all sorts of medicines he ignored, and testing kits that did not even exist in the world a year before, yet more people died under Joe Biden. How is that even possible? That is how bad this man has been for our nation. He is just Mr. Death, he is death. Look at those miles’ long lines of people just to get tested. What a horrible deadly year.

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