Tampa Bay Bucs Do Not Fire Antonio Brown

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be out of their mind to let go Antonio Brown. The NFL and the whole damn country have put people in this impossible position when it comes to this pandemic. It is easy to understand why Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown and so many others were forced to lie to hold onto their jobs. But the Packers did not get rid of Rodgers and the Bucs should not let go of their deep threat with Brown.

Normal people and these elite athletes have chosen not to inject this stuff into their bodies. They all have different reasons and the reason this country has mandated it has fallen to the waist side. In the beginning, we were told that once we got the jab, that we can burn our masks, and return to normal life. Then, like everything surrounding this pandemic, it all changes and the goal post keep getting moved. They kept lying to us even up to today. The pandemic experience has been nothing but lies and people getting so much wrong.

Americans were told that the vaccine would protect us from COVID-19. Now we were told that the vaccine will not stop you from getting or spreading the virus. They now say that it will only help us against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. So, unvaccinated and vaccinated people can get and spread the virus. We should no longer care whether anyone has had COVID-19 because it is now a personal decision to protect oneself and taking the vaccine does not stop the spread. We need to leave unvaccinated people alone.

I do not know why people cannot get this simple concept in their heads. I apperceive why government ignores this and does what it does. It is all about power and control for them. But I will never understand why Americans put up with this tyranny. Nobody and I mean nobody, will ever trust public health officials ever again in my lifetime. Dr. Anthony Fauci has done more damage to this distrust than any other person on Earth. I will be dammed if my favorite NFL team gets rid of Antonio Brown over any of this madness.

I would be heartbroken if our coach does not understand all of this and damaged our chances for another run at the championship. Do not fire Antonio Brown! Remember why he is here, what his role is. Because this guy cannot stay away from scandals does not have anything to do with his skill set, and what he can do on the field. Everyone knew what we were getting with Brown from the very beginning. Don’t be stupid my dear Bucs, do not be stupid. Leave the man alone.

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