List Of How Democrats Destroyed Everything

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The self-unaware Nancy “Marie Antoinette” Pelosi said out loud that she did not know where the crime wave came from. Did you hear the sound of half the nation’s jaw-dropping? Is she really that clueless? Nancy is either that ignorant or she is a monster, sadly I do not see any other option. It is hard to think of another woman that has had such a harmful effect on our nation.

Marie said that she did not know why but then said maybe you do. Well, Nancy, we do, the reason for the crime wave is Democrat policies. You people caused the crime wave, Nancy, sorry, Marie, you people caused all this failure with your collective, insane, and ridiculous ideas. It is Democrat governance that has wreaked everything. This is not a mystery; this is the observable reality right in front of our eyes. Do you want to know why? Well, ok, let’s just list some of them.

1- Defunding the police is a good start, do you think that had something to do with the crime wave?

2- Bail reform makes the list too. The cops lock up the bad guys and they are out of the jail with no bail before the cop ends his shift.

3- Prosecutors who will not prosecute adds to the problem. Does not matter how many smash and grabbers they arrest when you will not hold them accountable.

4- Calling cops racists and defaming them does bad things for morale. Record number of retirements because why would they want to perform the job of law enforcement when they are treated in such a way?

5- Open southern border allowing over two million people to just walk into our nation in less than a year. Criminals, drugs, and human trafficking just coming over our border is directly something caused by Democrat insanity.

6- Sanctuary cities cause crime and death. That is totally a Democrat idea. Just ask Kathryn Steinle’s family whether it causes crime or not. Of course, you can’t ask Kate, she is dead. Go read Kate’s Law and see the crime Democrats cause.

7- Vaccine mandates for law enforcement have a role here. Firing cops that will not take the jab certainly makes our streets unsafe. Just another idiotic idea from the Democrats.

8- Electing Democrats causes crime. Most all the states and cities that have a spike in murder and other crimes are run by Democrats. They closed all the schools and refused to reopen them certainly caused crime. No way to get around that one.

9- Election fraud clearly had a role on January 6th crime at the Capital. When only Democrat states involve themselves will all those shenanigans and people who felt like the election was stolen, well we saw that caused crime.

10- Mask mandates cause crime because criminals are running around feeling like bank robbers. You cannot arrest most of these crooks because you cannot identify them because they are wearing masks amongst a population forced to wear masks, they just blend in.

So, as you can see Democrats are the cause of the crime wave Nancy! I did not even get into other policies that Democrats do that cause harm like destroying our energy independence. Their war on fossil fuels makes our nation vulnerable to our nation’s security. Bankrupting America by printing “trillions” of dollars will certainly lead to crime. I could go on and on, Democrats are a nightmare and a clear and present danger to the future of this nation. Democrats are the problem Nancy “Marie Antoinette” Pelosi.

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