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People have flat out lost their minds over this latest variant of COVID-19. I get on Twitter today only to see that moron Anderson Cooper is talking about taking people’s Social Security away if they do not take the vaccine. I see miles-long lines of people who are looking for testing. I see that dope Dr. Anthony Fauci is coming out with many more moronic ideas of madness.

First of all, unvaccinated people are no different than vaccinated people to get and spread the virus. I do not know if you have noticed, but the omicron variant is blowing right past these vaccines and infecting the vaccinated folks. So, with that in mind, can you please stop picking on the unvacated people! Use your brains they are no more harmful to you than a vaccinated person.

As far as these crazy lines for testing, what better way to catch the virus than to gather with lots of people who believe they might have it. That does not seem like a good plan, but what if you have it? There is no evidence anywhere that any of our treatments work on omicron. There is plenty of evidence that people do not get severely sick from it, let alone die from it, so why panic?

As far as Fauci goes, if you are still listening to that man, you need to get your head checked. How many more times does that guy need to be wrong before a bell goes off in your head that this guy is just a scared old man. We put an old man who is in the most dangerous of categories to get the virus in charge of the virus. It is insane, and we have a possible dementia patient as a president listening to this frightened ignoramus.

My fellow Americans, you need to stop the madness. It is probable that “everyone” will get this virus at one point or another. It is too contagious to avoid and nothing, I mean nothing, has worked on any of this. We have not stopped anything when it comes to omicron. All we must do is ride this out and not destroy our nation in the process. COVID-19 is weakening, open your eyes and calm down.

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