Muslim Birth Rate Consuming Planet

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While we sit over here in America and the west overall playing ping-pong with capitalism and socialism, the Muslims are multiplying at such a fast rate that these governmental arguments we spend our time with will be rendered meaningless. The birth rate a society needs to break even and not start to disappear is 2.1 babies per woman. Anything less than that, the culture disappears in a matter of three generations or more. The math can’t be argued. No culture has ever survived once it reached the breaking point of 1.3 babies per woman.

Now let’s take a look at this globally. United States birth rate is 2.1, New Zealand 1.9, Canada 1.5, Germany and Austria 1.3, Russia and Italy 1.2, Spain 1.1. Now let’s look at some Muslim countries. Afghanistan 47.02 per 1000 people, Albania 15.08 per 1000 people, Niger 7.46, Mali 7.42, Somalia 6.76, Afghanistan 6.69, Yemen 6.58. I think you can start to get the idea here. Muslim populations are filling up the birth shortfalls throughout Europe and have already started taking over the European culture. They are imposing Sharia Law on old Europe already and very soon, the Europe we know will be gone.

The thing about this is the Muslim culture rarely assimilate themselves to whatever country they live in. They change the culture of the host country. We’ve already seen this. Footbaths at airports, changing toilets so they don’t face Mecca, won’t ring up alcohol at their jobs as cashiers in stores and on and on. In each case, the host country capitulates and bends to the Muslims. Sometimes it is out of political correctness and sometimes for other roguish intentions. It doesn’t matter why countries and cultures bend to the will of these people; the result will be the same.

The irony is the people who pushed birth control, abortion and multiculturalism will be the most affected under Sharia Law or some lesser version of it. I guess the Catholic way of “go forth and multiply” had a bigger overall meaning to it. There was a method to the madness of this pretext after all, it was survival. Decades of abortions put America way behind the eight ball when it came to maintaining our culture. We are not having enough babies and abortion plays a big role in that.

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