Whoopi Goldberg The Quintessential Karen

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Whoopi Goldberg could be the black Karen. Usually, that term applies to white women, but Whoopi proves that a Karen can also be black. Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, so she was born a Karen. This woman, along with the Joyless Behar, has single-handedly destroyed what used to be the jewel of daytime television, The View. While sadly Barbara Walters lingers in what seems to be a never-ending state of dementia, those two ladies are ruining Barbra’s show.

The once-beloved woman in the movies Ghost and Sister Act has devolved into a bitter old Karen. Pointing her finger at the camera when Biden mysteriously gets more votes than any other president in history, Caryn yells “get over it” to the people who had questions about the last presidential election. What blows my mind is that neither one of those ladies are really smart in any way. Makes no sense to me why anyone would go to them for thoughts about anything.

Their treatment of conservative women that host the show has been shameful. How they treat Republicans, in general, is terrible. All they do is run one woman from the right off that show repeatedly. Some ladies have even used the term hostile workplace explaining their experience working at The View. Goldberg is a big part of that. Most of the so-called Republican women that host that show from time to time are just moderates. They do not have the balls to hire a host that is a true America First Trump supporter at that show.

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