Cancel Culture Mob Comes For Aaron Rodgers

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The mob must be fed, and Aaron Rodgers is the next meal on its plate. Cancel Culture feeds on our heroes. Back in 2009, I published a blog entitled “Hero Fatigue Syndrome” where I laid out how we build up our heroes only to tear them down once they make it to the top. I coined that phrase over twelve years ago not realizing that what I was talking about would one day become what we now know as Cancel Culture.

CNBC published an article on it giving me credit for my original thoughts on all of this. I guess I was ahead of my time because my concept lived on and grew as Cancel Culture now goes after our heroes. Aaron Rodgers is a hero to many people and not just in Wisconsin. Yes, Aaron lied about being vaccinated. But can you blame him? America and pretty much the whole world have lost their minds with this pandemic. Common sense is gone, science is ignored and twisted, and the people in power just lie to us about so much.

Most people do not even realize that when they were making these vaccines that they stopped the trial after two months and declared it worthy. If the trial would have gone six to eight months, they would have realized the vaccine fade after six months and very soon after they become useless. If they knew that at the time two out of three of these vaccines would have never been approved.

A Swedish study that just recently came out explains all of what I am saying. Doctor Sebastian Rushworth, M.D. explains the Swedish study way better than I ever could. I would suggest you read it here. Because of what the Swedish study shows the only way around that is to keep taking this new kind of vaccine over and over again with so-called booster shots. Problem is, there is not a study in the world that shows what that would do to the human body.

I do not know about you, but I have never had to take a vaccine over and over again every six months. I am certainly not an anti-vaccine type. I have had them all. When I was in the Navy, they gave me tons of vaccines and I never thought twice about it. Now, with this situation we are in, I am highly suspicious. So, if an elite athlete like Aaron does not want to be a part of the greatest medical experiment in the history of the world, then that is fine with me. I am sad for all the people losing their jobs. One minute we call them heroes, the next moment we are tossing them into the streets taking away how they make a living. The whole thing is monstrous. Shame on us because we gave into fear. We are sheeple now but some of our heroes are not.

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