Thank God Merrick Garland Never Made It On Supreme Court

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Could you imagine if Merrick Garland made it to the Supreme Court when Former President Obama nominated him? We would have had a straight-out radical on the court for a lifetime appointment. The thought of that is just frightening. This man is bad news. Watching this guy operate and weaponize the Justice Department for Democrat political agendas made me realize, my God, this man could have been a Supreme Court Justice. Everything this man is doing as the Attorney General is some obvious partisan hit job in some way or another.

One of the first things he did was go after cops and police departments. He hunts down MAGA folks while turning a blind eye to BLM and Antifa. Merrick latest radical move was to declare angry moms at school board meetings are domestic terrorists. He wants the FBI to go after parents who are angry with all the nonsense going on in their school systems. If you say it out loud, it is just so crazy. However, this is what is happening. They are using the Patriot Act against Americans while they let criminals and terrorists in our country through the southern border.

You really cannot make this stuff up. The AG is way outside norms and can only be described as radical. The Democrats have weaponized every department in government to wage a war against half of this nation. The world they want to live in, the country they desire are incompatible with freedom and detrimental to the future of America. You know I cannot stand Mitch McConnell, but we kind of owe him a big thank you. It was Mitch that led the way to block this wild leftist from ever putting on that black robe. At least, we only must deal with this guy for four years. God help us if he had a lifetime appointment.

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