Republicans Should Be For Universal Basic Income

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I think that Republicans in general do not understand Universal Basic Income (UBI) or how it is paid for. They see it as some safety net expansion has gone wrong. When they hear about UBI they think we are adding to the national debt. They think it comes out of our taxes presently. The truth is they tax the biggest tech companies to pay for it. The very tech companies that have started a war with the right and who have gone mad with partisan censorship. Those are the people that are getting away with murder not paying taxes and involving themselves in an Orwellian takeover of reality.

We create a new tax for these tech giants to fund paying people six hundred dollars a week. It solves the homeless problem. UBI makes America whole and stable. And the cherry on top is you get back at your enemies in Silicon Valley. UBI solves more promises than I can list. We already do this in Alaska by sending every Alaskan money from the oil companies that drill in or around Alaska. In this case, we get the money from Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and others.

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