Joe Manchin Fooling Republicans Again

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Republicans once again fall for Joe Manchin and his doublespeak. When I saw him this weekend on his yacht, I thought to myself how does a man like that represent one of the poorest states in our nation? I did not even know he had a yacht, let alone the size of it.

The right thinks that Joe is standing in the way of a massive expansion of the Democrat’s wet dream of policies. They think Manchin stands between socialism and freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Joe is meeting the crazies on the left halfway.

Very little will change with the Democrat’s plan. They will use accountant gimmicks to hide the real cost of the bill. All that crazy stuff will still move forward with the vote from Joe Manchin. In the end, the man is a conman and Republicans need to stop trusting this guy.

He is going to hand to the Democrats 1.5 TRILLION dollars of leftist madness. How on Earth is that a good thing? Any Republicans that vote for this infrastructure bill before they take back Congress is part of the problem. Those Republicans would be complicit in the destruction of our nation and the introduction to American Marxism.

Joe Manchin is a very dangerous politician. He is a soft-spoken snake oil salesman, and you better keep your eye on him. Watching Republicans cheer on Joe and talk about him like he is a moderate is beyond asinine. How stupid can Republicans be? I blame the turtle, Mitch McConnell, for losing control of the Senate. Right in the middle of that Georgia vote, Trump was trying to give people $2000 in the middle of a pandemic.

Mitch fought that, people saw that the right did not care about working-class people, and we lost the Senate, and the folks got the money anyway. McConnell is just one of the establishment types that are self-unaware the Trump turned the party over to the working class. Mitch is disconnected from the base of his own party and lost power over it.

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