Biden And Democrats Destroy Dollar Tree

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There could be no better example of Biden and the Democrats messing up the economy than the destruction of Dollar Tree. Now, Dollar tree cannot sell stuff for a dollar, they must add 50% to the cost of things thanks to Biden. We went from a businessman president that gave us the best economy of our lives to a career politician that has never run so much as a hot dog stand. The results of that are right there in front of everyone’s eyes. They even screwed up Dollar Tree. People will notice that in a New York minute.

This failure is just the beginning of the mass destruction of our economy. If these people jam through this latest monstrosity that they call “social infrastructure” then game over. Democrats destroy everything they touch. They are hellbent on fundamentally changing our nation on so many levels. You see, Democrats hate their own country. They just don’t like it and they want to change it to some asinine vision of a socialist utopia that is in their collective heads. They have a lot of bad ideas in their heads. Left unsupervised and they will ruin everything in their path.

These people are nuts and should not be allowed to govern anything. Clearly, they are not up to it and now a whole new generation can see their failures. They chant F- Joe Biden at sports Stadiums and concert halls. I have never seen anything like it. People really hate Joe Biden. It is the young people chanting that at sporting events and concerts. I have never seen any other president has that happened. Long gone are the days that they just boo a president, now they tell him to F-off. Did the Democrats think that nobody would notice what happened at Dollar Tree?

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