Southern Border More Important Than Afghanistan

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As bad as the Afghan debacle was that is nothing compared to what is going on at the southern border. I almost view Afghanistan as a distraction that the Biden administration wants so you turn your eyes away from the border. We need to refocus. What is happening at the border will fundamentally change the nature of America moving forward. Over a million people who do not even know our language or culture have crossed the border already. Many of whom have brought the virus with them.

Biden is importing crime, viruses, and more human suffering than one could imagine. Biden’s handling of the southern border is pure evil. What this presidency is doing to unwind life as we know it is a clear and present danger to America itself. Biden and Harris are so ill-equipped to run this nation. Watching the direction that our country is going is mind-bending. It is worrisome, to say the least. Democrats seem to hate our country on so many levels. Open borders are the death of any nation and its culture. What is happening presently is frightful. We must defeat the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Collectively, we should never allow Democrats to run any city, state, or our nation ever again. They are bad news, their ideas are horrible, their execution on the simplest of governance is dreadful. These people are failures, and we can measure that. It would be easier to ask for one thing they are doing right rather than list all their failures. I do not care how many people from Afghanistan fall from the sky, it is nothing compared to what is going on at our southern border. Do not let hurricanes and foreign policy distract you from the border. Our nation is being destroyed down there. We are going to be in big trouble if we do not stop this.

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