France Is Mad At Us Bring Back Freedom Fries

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France is anger that we cut a deal with Australia on submarines. They pulled their ambassador and are throwing a big hissy fit. According to Wikipedia; The term was created in February 2003 in a North Carolina restaurant. Renaming was initiated in February 2003 by Beaufort, North Carolina “Cubbie’s” restaurant owner Neal Rowland, who said he was motivated by similar actions against Germany in World War I, when “sauerkraut was called liberty cabbage, and frankfurters were renamed hot dogs”.

I think it would be fun to bring this back. Let the French know we do not appreciate hissy fits. I cannot stand their president Emmanuel Macron. The way he handled Donald Trump was embarrassing. He almost crawled up Donald’s ass trying to miniplate him. The guy seemed so creepy to me at the time. I never trusted that dude, something about him is just shady. Bring back Freedom Fries I say.

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