Biden Seeds The Nation With COVID-19

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Nobody should listen to this failed president on anything about COVID-19. Biden is seeding America with more viruses through the southern border. While Americans are asked to abide by draconian restrictions and mandates, Biden is planting people from all over the world who have the virus in our neighborhoods.

Joe told the illegal immigrants to “surge the border” during his worldwide debate and over a million have so far. Then, he lets them in, and puts them on busses and planes, and brings them to different states across the nation. While we are fighting the virus, Joe is spreading COVID-19 across America.

You cannot make this stuff up. This is purposeful and not just some unfortunate result of his failed policies. Joe’s immigrant policy is inhumane, and it is killing people. The man is a public menace, and we must vote this political scamp out next time around.

In the meanwhile, we must vote out Democrats next year in the mid-terms because they are helping this evil president do the stuff he is doing. The Democrats will not even speak up when people are falling from the sky in Afghanistan clinging to the outside of a plane.

All the Democrats are complicit. How on Earth can America get control of the virus if Joe Biden keeps bringing it in? This is not just commentary; Joe is letting in people from the four corners of the Earth through our southern border. He is not even testing them. This joke of a president is not even vaccinating them. This whole thing is Bad News Bears. Joe Biden governance is directly killing people.

We are watching babies be thrown over walls. We see people losing their lives in rivers trying to get here. People are being raped and harmed well beyond anything you can imagine. This is really bad stuff. We have a heartless president; he is ruthless, and he has a plan. That plan is not good for any of us: let alone it is helping us end the pandemic.

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