Republicans For Vaccine Mandate

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I do not know how this was started on the right but not all of us are against a vaccine mandate for the COVID-19 virus. Why someone attached an argument for freedom on this vaccine and wanted to die on this hill is beyond me. We have all dealt with mandatory vaccines our whole lives. I had to have them for school, The Navy, and many jobs and travel require vaccines. What makes this one any different? It seems like it is the most important vaccine in years. This whole debate is nuts.

How is this freedom? By not mandating the vaccine these tyrannical Democrats, who are in charge, will just pound your freedom over this. Do you feel free wearing your face diaper? Is that freedom to you? This half of this nation made up of many different walks of life and many reasons who do not take the vaccine is screwing up everything for the rest of us. I do not believe in masks mandates, but I do believe in vaccines being required. For the safety of us all, we need to mandate this vaccine. We need to put all of this behind us.

We need to stop allowing these horrible Democrats that will stop at nothing making you do things they themselves will not. This notion that all Republicans are against this mandate is hogwash. There are plenty of people like me who do not have a problem with a vaccine mandate for this terrible virus. The people on the right pushing this crap needs to shut up and go away. We want our freedom back and the Republican Party is worthless fighting Democrats on any level about anything.

All the Democrats want is power. The Right is handing it to them on a silver platter. They have used this pandemic to have power over all of us. Remember what they told us in the last crisis. In the Great Recession, they said never let a crisis go to waste. That is how these scamps think. We need to stop fueling their dictatorship because of arguing against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines. If you believe in America First policies then you should support putting America first by doing mandatory vaccines.

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