Everyone Will Have Delta Variant In Their Nose

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People from the left and the right should stop pointing fingers at each other over this virus. It is shameful to use this virus like this. Singling out one governor over another, whether it be New York or Florida at any giving time and making some kind of political claim is asinine.

There are airborne viruses people and nobody will escape this. Vaccinated people will test positive for Delta at one point or another. It will be measurable in every nose coast to coast. We need to stop gaslighting people over this Frankenstein virus. We need to stop making political points.

It is time America realizes that we must live with this virus now. We need to stop using this virus to dismantle The Constitution and shredding our freedoms in the name of public health. We have turned over too many rights to the ruling class and that must end now.

It is probable that our public health officials are morons and are politized, we can prove that. It is axiomatic that these public health officials will lie to us at the drop of a dime. We must think for ourselves.

We have to implore common sense. Mask mandates are tyrannical, but vaccine mandates are not. We can crave out exceptions to a vaccine mandate for people with natural antibodies or people with religious reasons. We must resist nonsensical ideas. We must fight back against Democrats who “never let a crisis go to waste” promoting their tyranny.

I am a huge boxing fan. There is this story told by one of the greatest boxers ever. Andre Ward told his trainer Virgil Hunter that the guy he was fighting in the ring was punching him in the balls. Virgil told Andre, “Make him stop” and that was the greatest advise ever. We need to make these politicians stop.

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