Even The Press Cannot Hide Joe’s Failures

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What a big tone change from the leftist press. No way in the face of Biden’s failures can they hide his incompetency. The way the leftist press works is they thunder their bias through the art of omission. They just protect Democrat politicians by never mentioning their screwups.

The irony is that this failed president’s handling of our southern border is a bigger problem than Afghanistan. The press still, by enlarge, are not telling their viewers what is actually going on with the border and many other things. I have a friend, who is the opposite of an idiot, but he had no idea that we even had a problem on our southern border.

The reason for this is because where he consumes his news is all leftist dribbles. I could not believe he did not know, at that point, I realized this over a million people had already crossed the border illegally. I apperceived how dangerous something like that was. It is chilling that we live and experience life in two different realities.

Joe Biden is clearly one of the worse presidents we have seen in the modern age. His policies are so bad that it leaves you wondering whether we will be able to come back from his madness and desire to transform American into whatever leftist vision of their socialist’s nirvana that is in his head.

Biden’s head seems to be a scary place to be. Joe seems to get lost in it daily. Wandering thoughts and extreme forgetfulness have been on display for the whole free world to view. If the leader of the free world can’t remember where he is from time to time that is not good.

If that same leader has confused his own daughter for his wife and vice versa, we should take note. He even confused his two sons and had Hunter as the war hero. The hypocrisy of the Democrats impeaching Donald Trump and asking for the 25th Amendment to be invoked and ignoring Joe is not lost on most Americans. But hey, no mean tweets.

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