Wilder-Fury Trilogy Cursed

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The third fight of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder once again is postponed. This time Fury and most of his team have tested positive for COVID-19. How on Earth did this happen? Have these people not heard about the vaccines?

I was so looking forward to this third fight. The first fight was a draw, even though I thought Wilder won, and in the second fight Fury won. A third fight must happen to see who the best is. If Deontay wins then they must have a fourth fight because it would be one win apiece, and one draw.

Now, we do not know what the virus is going to do to Fury’s body. Nobody can know what kind of damage this virus is going to do to Tyson’s lungs. Hell, we do not know whether Fury will even survive this ordeal, the man is a big guy, and it is big people that have problems with this China virus.

I am so angry this has happened. Why on Earth did Tyson and his team not take precautions? If they did not want to take the vaccine, then they should have put the whole team in “the bubble” and protected themselves from this plague. This was so unavoidable.

All of this is also delaying the unification of the Heavyweight division, we have not had that since Lennox Lewis. Now there is a good chance Anthony Joshua will not even be the champ anymore because he could lose to Oleksandr Usyk. There is an exceptionally good chance as far as I am concerned that AJ cannot beat Usyk.

Everything keeps changing in the Heavyweight Division and now I have no idea how things will shake out. I am one of the very few people that give Wilder a chance to beat Tyson in the third fight. I do not know if the stars are aligned for this Trilogy, but it seems cursed.

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