Why Sexy Uzo Aduba Should Not Be Typecasted

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I wanted to wait until I saw the season finale of In Treatment before I wanted to say a word. With that being said, I hated the ending. Picking sobriety over true love was not the way I wanted to see the character of Brooke Taylor go.

However, I do not hold that against Uzo Aduba, she is not the writer. She is the actor, and what an actor she is. I got upset with some family members who I told to watch this show. They watched the seasons with Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston and they loved it.

So, they watch just one episode with Uzo Aduba and came back and told me they cannot watch the show. I ask why on Earth, and they told me all they see is “Crazy Eyes” from Orange Is The New Black. I was stunned. I could not believe my ears.

I realized that my family was typecasting Uzo and I felt that was so unfair. I told them that is just flat-out wrong. I explained that this woman knocked this show right out of the park. That all I see is a sexy and complicated doctor and not once did I ever see Crazy Eyes.

Uzo did such a good job that I could not think of her as any other part but this role. It made me start to think about all the other actors who got typecasted. But it also makes me think of the ones that rose above like Uzo will.

I will give you one of many examples of actors overcoming this Scarlet Letter. My Captain Kirk was and always will be William Shatner. Like my Batman will always be Michael Keaton, Shatner will always be my Kirk.

William was such a great actor that he overcame the most iconic character in history. I never once watched William play Denny Crane on Boston Legal and thought of Captain Kirk, not once. He was Denny Crane and nothing more when he played the part.

He mired past the typecasting pitfall and so will Uzo Aduba, she will, because she is that good. I hope she gets more seasons as the doctor on In Treatment and I hope whoever wrote the ending of her first season is not part of the next one.

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