The Italian-American Failed COVID-19 Response

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Anthony Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blasio are the poster boys for complete and total failure. These losers are responsible for so much death and destruction of families, businesses, and souls. The hundreds of thousands of small businesses these guys collectively laid bare are incalculable.

According to Senator Rand Paul, Fauci is complicit in the deaths of over four million people because he supported and pushed gain of function. Or at least that is how I read what Paul is saying. Makes sense to me, but who knows, whenever you even brace the subject with Fauci he goes crazy and gets very defensive.

Andrew Cuomo is personally responsible for wiping out tens of thousands of senior citizens. Andrew is like the Grim Reaper to anyone in a nursing home. Bill de Blasio singlehandedly destroyed the best big city in all of America. The man is probably the most hated mayor in all the nation. Bill’s failures are notorious. The man is a cartoon for heaven sakes, he is very embarrassing and you almost feel sorry for him, almost.

Nancy Pelosi making our Representatives who have been vaccinated wear masks at The Capital is the least of the damage that women have done to America during this pandemic. Still, disgusting a human being held money back from hurting Americans at the height of the pandemic to get Trump politicly. She is truly a monster. She is the Marie Antoinette our our era. Instead of “Let them eat cake” Nancy is more into ice cream.

I get this Italian American feel every time I think of the pandemic. These three guys are still causing people angst and spreading their failures far and wide. The leftist press protects these Bozos and one of these scamps actually went on a book tour. I mean, you could not make this stuff up.

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