Millennials Refuse Vaccine Fear Of Zombies

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The Millennials in my family pretty much refuse to take the vaccine. They cite the fear of all of us turning into zombies. People this age took Hollywood, TV shows, and movies way too seriously. Public Health Officials that tell people to wear masks after they are vaccinated are not helping the situation.

No matter what you tell them they just will not listen. It scares me because the more people vaccinated the more the unvaccinated will be a target for this virus. It wants to find a host, and the more of us vaccinated, all that will be left is the unvaccinated for the virus to feed on.

I am not sure we will ever be free of this virus if these many Americans think they will become a zombie. COVID-19 might be here to stay due to this generation. The quicker we all get vaccinated the less of a chance the virus mutates into something that can get around our vaccine.

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