Joe Biden Responsible For Spike In COVID-19

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One could draw a direct line from *President Biden to the latest spike in the virus. There is no mystery here, Joe is doing this. Since the minute this depraved man from this corrupt family took office, he started to import COVID-19 through our southern border.

In the middle of a pandemic, this horrible president started to let in millions of people at our southern border. Many of these people are and will be infected with the virus. Then, Biden has these people, who do not even speak our language, put on buses and planes, and dumped off in red states across the nation.

As Biden sprinkles the infected people in swing and red states, he then points his finger and says, look, it is Donald Trump’s supporters that will not take the vaccine. They point to the fact that there is a spike in the virus in southern states and places that voted for Trump.

Of course, understand that this is not by accident, there is a plan. The Democrats are working a plan in which they want to turn swing and red states blue forever because illegal immigrates lean towards voting for the corrupt Democrats. It is not a conspiracy, this is a plan, and the Democrats planned the work, and are now working the plan.

While the leftist press ignores this entire scandal the virus counts keep shooting higher and higher. Joe is importing COVID-19 and people are and will be dying and or getting sick. Joe does not care about any of the pain and death that he is spreading. He will not even go down to the border to see in person the hell that he and the Democrats have created.

This plan is a policy of death and destruction. Their plan is currently ruining families as people across the southern states bury their own. Did anyone think when they voted for Biden that this is what they were going to get? My guess, the Democrats will be wiped out at the ballot box in the midterms. Problem is that all the damage they can do from now until then.

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