It’s Official: Democrats Can’t Handle Pandemic

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Biden and the Democrats allow the virus to pour in from the southern border, then tell us to mask up. Can you believe these political scamps? They are taking illegal immigrants infected with the virus and putting on planes and buses and seeding red states and swing states with the virus. You cannot make this up, the left is out of control. Everything Biden says, he will say the opposite in the not-too-distant future. You cannot believe a word out of the president’s mouth. Biden never hit his own goal of getting people vaccinated. They are blowing the recovery from the pandemic on a grand scale. We are under the yoke of these terrible people with their bad ideas.

The CDC should be completely dismantled. Everyone who works there needs to be fired including the janitor, everybody must go. They have singlehandedly decimated trust in public health officials. They have lied to us from the beginning with masks and they are doing it again with the Delta variant. No science points to masking vaccinated people having any effect whatsoever on the virus. Their own words said in “rare” cases a vaccinated person would spread the virus to an unvaccinated person. Since when do we change all of society over some possibility that something “rare” might happen?

Now Biden and the Democrats are bringing in the virus through Mexico, sided with the Americans who will not take the vaccine, and requiring the vaccinated to mask up. It is official, the Democrats cannot handle this pandemic, they are blowing it big time. Their policies are killing people and they do not give a damn. In the mid-term election next year, I would bet a dollar to a donut that the Democrats are wiped out. It should be the biggest landslide in the history of mid-term elections. Now a whole new generation of young people got their first taste of failed Democrat governance. Asking vaccinated people to wear a mask, for this reason, is an unreasonable request. Mandate the damn vaccine and let us be done with this horrible thing!

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