Democrats Enemy Of The First Amendment

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It is flat-out stunning watching Democrats attack the First Amendment from all sorts of angles. I feel like none of these people have read George Orwell’s 1984. Maybe we should make that mandatory now for every American. How on Earth can they not be self-aware of what they are doing with free speech? Jen Psaki stands at the podium arrogantly spewing out such hatred and condensation while she steers the censorship campaign with Big Tech. The woman is ugly inside and out, just watching her justify her war on free speech makes me sick. She is like a red-headed witch casting her spells on her ignorant followers in the press.

It feels like the Democrats hate The Constitution and they want to tear it apart. They violate it at will and the Supreme Court does nothing to stop any of it. I do not know how Democrats have any support at all in America, they are clearly an enemy of the people and the free press or free speech. They are fundamentally changing the meaning of words like infrastructure or defund and let us not forget what the word is, is. As you can see this attack on the meaning of words goes back a while. But I feel it picking up speed nowadays. It feels out of control like the rules do not apply anymore.

The government teaming up with Silicone Valley dictators is the scariest of all to me. In the light of day, the Democrats shamelessly and openly cheer this censorship on. I guess they believe the beast will never turn on them, but they are wrong. It is just the nature of these kinds of things. The whole thing is manifesting itself like Trump’s reading of “The Snake” by civil-rights activist Oscar Brown in 1963, which then became a big hit single by American singer Al Wilson in the year 1968. The snake is now the Democrats, and the tender woman is now America.

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