Americans That Hate America

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It is overly concerning that a growing number of Americans hate America. It feels like we have lost an entire generation of people who have been taught to hate their own country. I am sure China and Russia are just loving this. I am not super patriotic, but I do not see the flag as a symbol of hate. I do not view my country as evil. I do not get angry and then burn down businesses. The National Anthem does not trigger me. These people are insane that think these things.

I do not know whether I should be sad or mad watching my country fall apart. The whole world is trying to get into America, but some Americans hate where they live. If you ask them what a better country is, they cannot answer you. The one thing in common all these angry people have is that they are Democrats. It is always the Democrats that have these stupid ideas and policies. They are the worst group of people on so many levels, I could write all day just listing their failures.

I have been publishing for over a decade the idea of just giving these crazy people their own country so we can be rid of their nonsense. We cannot cohabitate with these nut bags. They need their own nation and let them go run that into the ground. If you hate America, then go somewhere else. You have freedom of movement, just go away. Go and create your utopian leftist Hell and leave us alone with all your hatred and self-loathing. These morons with them defunding the police and open borders insanity should have their nation.

Now they want to push this “Critical Race Theory” through our schools. They want to teach children to hate their own country and to look at everything through the lens of the color of their skin. I could thunder down my grandiloquent omnipotence and make it arduous for them to apperceive the axiomatic reality of my lexicon, but I would rather just call them stupid.

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