How Do You Show Up Obese At Our Southern Border

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I have noticed that a good portion of the people showing up at our southern border is fat. How can someone walk 1,619 miles from Honduras to America’s southern border and be obese? I have hiked a good portion of the Appalachian Trail two weeks at a time, and you do not end the trip fat. So, what is really going on here?

Even if they hopped on a train or got a ride for half the way, they would still walk off the fat before they made it to America. So, what are we really seeing here? The Democrats do not see anything of course, but I am asking how on Earth are these people showing up at our southern border with a belly? It does not make any sense.

So, what they are telling us is not the truth. Nobody can walk country to country like that and maintain belly fat. Where are these people really coming from? How are they getting here? Clearly, some of these people are not walking as we have been told. Since the leftist press will not cover this story properly, no one is asking questions like this. Why are they fat?

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