Government UFO Report A Lie

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The New York Times has reported that the government is going to say that they have no link to aliens but do not know what is in the sky. That is such a load of crap. They know much more, but like always this government never tells the truth about anything. The theory that they are floating that it is “possible” that some other country has this unknown technology is patently false. It is provably false.

Nobody has figured out how to break the laws of physics like these things in the sky are doing. China has not leapfrogged over physics as we know it. That is a bunch of crap, and the government knows it. They want you to ignore your common sense. What they really know is probably more terrifying than we can imagine. These daily incursions into our military’s protected airspace are not a good sign that whoever is doing this is coming in peace. They are not visiting Disney World.

The reason why you know no other country has this kind of technology is because it is impossible. Another reason why you know that is a false distraction and misdirection is because people have been reporting these things in the sky for thousands of years. Every continent on this planet has people long ago claiming that these people came down from the sky and gave them knowledge.

Every civilization has claimed something about these sky people. Others called them gods and angles but there was nothing Devine about any of it. The Bible is full of stories about people going to and from the sky. Go re-read about Jacob’s Ladder and then read it through the lens of that being aliens and spaceships. I would suggest you go read everything you can get your hands on about the Anunnaki. Do not bother to read that provably false government report, it is a big lie.

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