Why It Is Simple: Kaepernick Is Not Welcome Tebow Is

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It is truly that simple: Colin Kaepernick is not wanted in the NFL, but Tim Tebow is. So how do we come to terms with this axiom? Let us look at the two men and what they did. Kaepernick is an ignorant rabble-rouser that did tremendous damage to the league. After all the trouble that Colin created in the NFL, all that was left, till this day, was mostly half or two-thirds empty stadiums.

I personally know more than one person that walked away from the NFL forever because of Colin Kaepernick and all the trouble he stirred up. Colin was and still is more like the younger version of Malcolm X and nothing like Martin Luther King Jr. or even Muhammad Ali. Even Malcolm X changed his tone later in life, but not Colin. It was Ali’s death that started up all these black athletes thinking they too can mix politics with football.

Tim Tebow has a different story but kind of similar. Tebow, who I was no fan of him or Kaepernick, caused his version of trouble when he pushed his religion on everyone. Tim was beloved by Super-Christians but got under the nerves of many people who did not want to mix religion and the NFL. Tim was just too much in your face with all of that and it became very divisive. I could not stand any of that stuff from either man.

Both men accomplished good things in the league. Tim took Denver to the playoffs and even won a playoff game. Colin brought his team to the Super Bowl after a big period of absence for the San Francisco 49ers, of course, he lost the Super Bowl, but he won the NFC Conference. Neither man understood that they were doing incredible damage to the league. People look at the NFL as escapism and do not want any of this other stuff involved. I watched life-long fans of this team or that team burn all their team merchandise on Facebook.

The damage these guys did was very real and measurable. So, in the end, why did the league bring Tim back? The reason is that who is the coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the fact that Tebow agreed to play a different position than quarterback. For years Tim would not take offers from teams to play a different position. However, because of his history with the coach of Jacksonville Tim decided to relent about being the QB. Colin still has refused to play any other position and that is the reason one is now in the NFL, and one will never be.

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