Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua Pay-Per-View Worth It

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It takes a real special fight for me to pay for a pay-per-view in any division. My favorite division is the heavyweights; so, I am more inclined to pay for the big guys to go at it. I have always believed that AJ is a paper champion, and I was proved right when a fat guy from America, who thinks he is from Mexico, took all three belts from Anthony Joshua. Sure, AJ got the belts back but look at who took it in the first place.

Does anyone in their right mind believe that Andy Ruiz Jr. could ever beat Tyson Fury? If anyone believes that they should have their brain scanned in an MRI machine. Fury has been looking for a man to beat him in a fight his entire life and has still yet to come across this guy. Tyson does not even know what it feels like to lose. The man does not even understand the feeling of loss when it comes to fighting another man. Until somebody beats Tyson Fury, I will maintain that it cannot be done.

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