Two Minute Rounds For Female Boxers Is An Insult To Women

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Professional boxing, which I am a life-long fan of, must stop the practice of limiting women boxers to two-minute rounds. It is an insult to women sports and women in general. Somehow a woman can become a Navy SEAL or a Green Berets, but they are treated in professional boxing as some tender wallflower that needs coddling. We do not need some study or panel to investigate this, they need to make the change now.

Women can last for three minutes just like men, and they are being robbed of many opportunities to knock someone out. By limiting the ladies to two minutes, they take away so many chances for a KO late in the round. That alone is reason enough to stop this offensive practice and treatment of female professional boxers. I bet if you asked the ladies, they would not want special treatment that hurts them in the end.

What are we in the dark ages? Don’t you see the problem here? Are we communists? Cuba bans women boxers from the Olympics. They do not even allow women to join a boxing program in Cuba. They cannot train in the gym with the men, and they have one or two trainers down there that actually train the ladies at night after the men leave. Free countries should not be treating women athletes like the communists do. When the governing bodies of professional boxing mirror Cuba, you know something is rotten in Demark.

The truth is, that women have elevated the sport of boxing. Not for nothing, but I would rather watch Katie Taylor or Claressa Shields fight people than watch many of the boring men boxers. I was down with women boxing in the nineteen-nineties. We cannot forget that Laila Ali and Christy Martin built this sport. They should always get credit for breaking down the door and elevating female boxing. They made a path for the ladies today to truly make a living at the sport. Bottom line, time to get rid of two-minute rounds in female professional boxing.

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