Time To Purge RINOs & Establishment Types From Republican Party

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The time is now to do some in-house housekeeping when it comes to who is the Republican Party. Before the next mid-terms and certainly before the 2024 presidential election we need to get rid of some people who do not reflect the current Republican voters and his or her wishes. The party now consists of America First MAGA folks and there is no room for RINOs and establishment types.

So let us call out some names. These are the people we should start with: Frank Luntz’s roommate Kevin McCarthy, warmonger Liz Cheney, King of The Establishment Mitch McConnell, Prince of Opportunity the opportunist himself Mitt Romney, RINOs Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, and every single Baby Boomer presently in Congress. That will be a good start, my friends. Anyone who has been there for decades must go. We must send them all packing.

Before we decide who leads the America First Movement going forward, we must first purge the people who do not hold our values. We see the damage the Democrat values are doing in this country. Open borders, defunding police, destroying girls’ sports, and complete bankruptcy as the finical policy is what you get with Democrats in charge. It will be easy to beat them now that they are exposed to a whole new generation of who they are.

It should be remarkably simple to defeat Democrats in the next two elections. However, we want to do this with our people, with America First types. There is no reason to defeat the left if the RINOs and establishment types are still in this party and or are in the leadership. We must treat these people within the Republican Party no different than Democrats, they must be defeated politically. After everything that has transpired over the Trump years, these people still do not apperceive who the voters are in the Republican Party.

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