Pelosi Keeps Mask Rule Loves Hiding Turkey Neck

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I heard that the Speaker of The House is refusing science and is keeping her mask rule in place for the congresspeople. I was not surprised because I noticed through the pandemic that she seemed to like wearing the mask around her neck. We must remember this is a person that took plastic surgery to an unthinkable level. Her face was frozen with one expression for many years. She was bizarre when it came to pulling her face and neck back and real tight.

Nancy was the poster girl of plastic surgery going wrong. At some point, she became self-aware of what everyone was saying about her, and she stops going under the knife. She then used COVID-19 to cover all her face and neck with the mask. Now, when the CDC and the *president tell the whole world that is over, she cannot let go because it will force her to decide whether to grow old gracefully or to run back to another plastic surgeon once again.

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