Joe Manchin Would Be More Powerful If He Switched Parties

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Joe Machin thinks he is powerful now. You can see it in his face and the way he holds himself. He thinks he has power because he can tinker around with the Democrats and tweak their policies. However, if he were to become a Republican then he would have way more power. He would be able to pick whatever chairmanship of whatever committee he wanted. Mitch would give him anything we wanted if he switched.

Joe represents a state that is America First MAGA and they would have no problem with him jumping to the Republicans. He knows his party is now completely out of control and that it does not represent the morals and values of the people of West Virginia. He could make history by handing the Senate back to the Republicans. Joe could stop in its tracks the crazy that his party is bringing to America. He could singlehandedly save this nation from all this leftist madness.

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