I Got My Second Pfizer Vaccine Shot And

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I got my second Pfizer vaccine shot and I wanted to share with you what happened to me. I have heard that everyone is different and from my family to my friends, I have heard about a lot of different side effects. I have heard everything from no symptoms at all to some odd reactions. Even in my own home, we have had separate experiences with the same vaccine.

Originally, I was going to take the Johnson and Johnson, but I heard that the company had to destroy sixteen million doses because of human error. I thought to myself that did not sound good, and it looked like that company was having issues with their vaccine. It made me nervous. Then, I watched how they pulled the shot or “paused” it because some people were getting blood clots.

It made me think twice about taking any vaccine at all. I mean, after all, the GREAT Dr. Anthony Fauci told us repeatedly that all three of these vaccines were safe. However, the man said the J&J shot was safe and now a woman is dead, and many people have got some rare blood clots in their brains. I hear this news that even people who took the other vaccines would not go back to take the second one.

The pausing of J&J caused a whole lot of trouble in confidence and created prodigious consternation. In the end, the geniuses in public health decided it was worth the risk and brought Johnson and Johnson back to the market. Of course, if you are one of these people who get this crazy blood clot you might have another opinion on the matter. I do not know who is going to take that vaccine after all of that. I know I would not.

They should just send that to India and let them take the risk because things are so out of control over there and anything is better than what they are presently going through with the virus. J&J is not the only company whose vaccine is causing blood clots, The Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has this issue too. Those two shots should go to countries that are currently drowning in COVID-19. The benefits would certainly out way the present situation in many countries.

Of course, all of this is my opinion. I am not a doctor; I am a blogger. But I can tell you how the Pfizer vaccine affected my body. The first shot all I got was a sore arm that lasted three days and I had some weird metal taste take over my mouth. The metal taste lasted about an hour and went away and never came back. My wife did not have that, but she did have a fever from the first shot, and I did not. I was waiting for the fever, but it just did not come and it lasted twelve hours with my wife before it went away.

Forty-eight hours after the second shot my wife had no symptoms at all but I did. At the twenty-four-hour mark after the second shot, I got hit with a crushing blanket of fatigue. It was strange, to say the least. I could not keep my eyes open. I kept falling asleep. I would wake up for five or ten minutes and pass out again. This went on for twelve hours before it ended. I had no energy and laid in bed the whole time waiting for it to pass. I had a sore arm again but not as bad as the first shot.

They tell me that in two weeks I will be fully vaccinated because my body takes that time to build up antibodies. At that time, I will burn all my masks and not listen to any public health officials ever again. They are not to be trusted; they are more politician than scientist. I will not wear a mask ever again and I do not care who asks me to do so, the answer is no. All that is left for me is to wait and see if we all turn into zombies and have Will Smith and a big dog chasing us all around.

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