FDA And CDC Destroyed Trust In Public Health Officials

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You know, Americans do not trust any institutions anymore. I cannot think of one they trust, but now you can add public health officials to the list of distrust. Over the last year, we have learned that so-called scientists are more like politicians than doctors and there is no better example of that than Dr. Anthony Fauci. That one man has done more damage to public health trust than anyone I can think of.

What they are doing with masks and messaging is a catastrophe. It is almost like they are purposely trying to destroy people’s trust in vaccines. Telling people to wear a mask after they have been inoculated makes people question the efficacy of their vaccines. Putting a pause on the Johnson and Johnson shot was a huge mistake. Reports now are coming out that even people who got the other two vaccines did not go back for their second shot after the J&J pause.

The Democrats are doing a piss poor job handling the pandemic. They are even importing the virus through the southern border. They are just letting COVID-19 through. You could not screw this thing up more than Democrats can do when they are put in charge. Trump handed them a secure border and Operation Warp Speed and the Democrats could not even leave those successes alone, they had to mess everything up, it is their nature.

Everything is a personal choice. I will be fully vaccinated two weeks after my second shot, and I am going to burn my masks. If a business requires me to wear a mask, I will not spend my money there. If the government tells me, I must wear masks after I am inoculated, then I will not comply. I am tired of the government using this pandemic to set ablaze the constitution and trample over all my rights. It is time to stand up to these political scamps.

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