Changed My Mind: I Want Ben Domenech To Host Fox’s Primetime

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I have been all over the map on who I think should be the host of the 7 pm slot on Fox News. This is the third time I have changed my mind about who earned this and who would be better. I convinced myself that no matter what, a woman should get the job, but Ben changed my thoughts on the matter completely. What Ben did all week was meaningful and interesting. It was smart, and I want more of it.

Everyone who has tried out for this job has to admit that Ben did it better. That is hard for me to say because I was one of the half sides of the right-wing that simply hated his father-in-law. Over the course of a decade and more, I published some real harsh stuff about John McCain and do not regret a word of it. I have not exactly been kind to Ben’s wife, who I simply do not like.

So, Ben would not like me and would care less about what I thought about anything. He does not know I exist. However, they are in the public eye and should care whether we like to read The Federalist or watch Fox News. That is how they measure their success, who is consuming their product and why is part of the deal. I always liked Ben and what he has been doing in defense of freedom. I was disappointed with him when he lost the battle to have a comment section on the website of The Federalist.

It is time for Fox News to stop this carousel of hosts every week. Nobody is gonna do it better than Ben, so can we stop the torture? This whole thing about chasing me and others away for an entire week at a time at 7 pm, because we might not think Tammy Bruce or Lawrence Jones is gonna win American Idol, must come to an end. This whole try-out is not getting old, it is old. You found the winner, and his name is Ben Domenech. He is the perfect lead into Tucker.

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