America First Rejects George W. Bush

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Word is that George W. Bush is gonna start lecturing us on how to treat these illegal immigrants pouring into our country. The America First Movement rejects George W. and the entire Bush family. It is their family and the Clintons that created MAGA due to their stewardship of our nation when they were in charge. We do not care what the man has to say about the border. Let Bush go lecture Joe Biden for residing over all of this child abuse.

The Bush family seems self-unaware of the hatred Republican voters have for them. I got a good chuckle when I heard over the weekend Jeb Bush was musing about running again. How clueless for the Bush family not to know their station in the life with Republican voters. We will never go back to those globalist ways and people, not ever. Liz Cheney types and all the warmongers are despised by Republicans. These people are Democrats now, they did not vote for Trump.

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