Dr. Seuss Birthday Renamed Cancel Culture Day

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Cancel culture is a Democrat thing mostly, yes you can find some examples on the right, but the vast majority of this is from Democrats. This has been going on a long time, they started with Mark Twain years ago and then the whole cancel culture thing just kept getting bigger and bigger like a snowball going downhill.

In its wake, Gone With the Wind, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Aunt Jemima and so much more. Even Mr. Potato Head got caught up in this madness. Now today on Dr. Seuss Birthday, the very people who oversee his legacy, cancel six of his books that they deem cancelable. I mean, who are these people? These folks are ridiculous and sane people need to push back.

We must stop giving the left so much power. If they had their way all of America’s past would be wiped away. Is that the goal? Is the goal to just erase everything that happened? I have already started doing my part to fight back and I use my wallet. I do not buy certain products, I do not watch award shows, late-night comic shows, or anything to do with certain Hollywood actors. My wallet and my time cancel them right back.

Many people, such as myself, are tired of the left ruining everything. They are destroying sports, movies, TV shows, and even music. I cannot even listen to Bruce Springsteen anymore and I loved the song Rosalita. Whatever art or athletics you do, you ruin your art and accomplishments when you stuff your politics and insane views down our throats. We made you rich and famous and as soon as you make it to the mountaintop you turn on the very people who got you there. Hear that Jon Bon Jovi? You made us the Runaways you fool.

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