Democrats To Steal Another Election

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After getting away with stealing the 2020 Election, the Democrats look to switch a seat in Iowa. The Democrats are so in your face with their thundering corruption, that they are going to switch a congresswoman in congress from Republican to Democrat. I cannot think of a single woman that has done as much damage to our country as the evil Nancy Pelosi.

Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks is the certified winner of Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District and she has already been sworn in. Nancy Marie Antoinette Pelosi wants to remove the duly elected congresswoman and replace her with Rita Hart the certified loser. Proving once again the Democrats are flat-out criminals and anti-American across the board.

If Republicans do not force real and logical election reform, then there is no need to run for office anymore. The Democrats will do anything to hold on to power including this latest scam of switching Iowa’s seat in congress. Meanwhile, the Dems falsely claim that Georgia’s attempt to clean up their election system is racist. Because everyone is racist according to these political scamps.

The Republicans do not want to make it hard to vote, they want to make it hard to cheat. And they are doing a piss poor job fighting Democrat chicanery. They have been getting their asses handed to them. If they do not get down in the mud with Democrats and fight on their level their whole party will fall into the ash bin of history. It feels like it already has.

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