Democrats Create Catastrophe At Southern Border

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The Democrat policies of encouraging people to come to America in a middle of a pandemic are insane. The harm Biden policies are creating across so many sectors of our society are mind-blowing. These people are out of their minds with ridiculous ideas of this or that. They are simply batshit. There is no nice way of saying it, these people are crazy.

Letting all these people with COVID-19 cross over the border and then be released into our communities should be a crime against the citizens of our nation. Biden’s policy will kill people. What are they thinking? Who is really behind all of this? Who does any of this benefit? Democrats lay silent while Biden destroys women’s sports in the name of political correctness.

One subject after the other we could go through a list of insane Democrat policies. I said it before, I will say it again, it is like there was a tear in the circus tent and the freaks got out and now they are running everything. Welcome to Biden’s Mad Hatter Convention. What a terrible president so far.

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