Biden Worst President Of My Lifetime

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When everything is said and done the Biden Presidency will have destroyed every aspect of American life. The man imports COVID-19 at the southern border and seeds the country with the virus. He took away our energy independence and now a gallon of gas is going through the roof.

The worst *president of my life is not done taxing us; he is just beginning. He will singlehandedly crush the best economy I had ever seen. And the man has bankrupted the country with unpayable debt. We could never pay back that money, not ever. The whole thing is just so horrible. Just look at the damage he has already done in such a short period of time.

We have a senile old man being maculated by some shadow government. Heaven knows who is really running stuff. We have a vice president that is nowhere near being up for the job with her nervous and annoying laugh. All the gains we made on so many fronts during the Trump era are being eviscerated. It is one big Shakespearean nightmare. The Biden/Harris Administration is the absolute worst.

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