Trump Needs Rudy Giuliani & Sidney Powell For Impeachment

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Trump’s biggest flaw as president was staffing. He just picked the wrong people over and over. He got a few positions correct like his last AG and his Secretary of State, but for the most part the people he hired hurt him in one way or the other. Fast forward to the second impeachment trial and he has picked the worse lawyers ever.

One of his lawyers that started his defense came across as a rambling ignoramus. The second lawyer that spoke made a good argument (that he lost) but the way he held his head while drinking water was bizarre and very distracting. This is the wrong group of lawyers to defend against the Democrat impeachment managers. Trump’s lawyers are going to make an argument Friday, that they have already lost, that this is all unconstitutional. That is not the argument to make.

Here is the thing, the Democrats keep saying repeatedly that Trump was spreading “the big lie” that the election was not on the up and up. Ironically, that is the big lie, no matter what the left says or does to make you feel you cannot say it or talk about it. Trump needs to make the argument why this election was unconstitutional. Forget about the fraud, there is always fraud in our elections.

The two best people to do this is Rudy and Sidney. They never got a single court to hear the evidence of why this election was flawed. Here, in impeachment, they can finally have the big stage to show the country what went down. Nobody has heard the entire case that Rudy and Sidney put together. These are the two people that can show the world Trump got robbed.

I wish I could pick up the phone and call the former president and give him this advice. If any of you reading this knows how to reach him, get him this blog. There were many times during his presidency I felt this way. I could have helped him so much when it came to messaging on so many things. All I know is Trump cannot miss this opportunity to push back in front of millions of people to show once and for all that this last election stunk to the high heavens.

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