PETA Proclaims Rabbits Are Good Pets And Also Tasty Treats

In Satire

PETA announces a change in policy acknowledging that rabbits are in fact good pets but cannot deny they are also tasty treats. Once the change was revealed there was a surge in search engine searches for recipes for cooking rabbits. While Hasenpfeffer topped the search list, barbeque rabbit was not far behind.

Barbeque companies are now competing for their sauce to be chosen the most desirable BBQ sauce for grilling rabbits. Some states are drafting legislation to allow pet rabbits to be eaten, but only six a month as a limit.

However, Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, and the Energizer Bunny are exempt from consumption. In a sad turn of events, Thumper did not make the exempt list, but Bambi did tell Thumper people do eat venison as well.

C. Rich
Satire Dies In Cancel Culture

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