We Have The Answer: It Was Tom Brady Not Bill Belichick

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For twenty years we would sit back and watch Tom and Bill make NFL history together. Over time a debate was born on whether it is because of Bill or Tom and who is the reason for such success. Together they accomplished more than any other team in NFL history. Their successful run might never be topped ever again.

But who was the driving force? Was the coach just so brilliant or was Tom so driven and talented? Well, the two split up and we see the results. Tom Brady took a team that had not been to the post-season in thirteen years to the playoffs. Bill had a losing season with a losing record and never made the playoffs. There really is no ignoring that fact.

These two results are there for the world to see. We see Tom was the driving factor in all those years of success. It does not matter that Tom losses his Wildcard Game, he made it to the tournament, and Bill’s season is over. Brady has already proved himself. The man is the GOAT and there is no doubt now that he is the greatest quarterback in the history of the game.

I wonder in the back corners of Bill’s consciousness whether he knows the answer too. Maybe he thought it was his brilliance. They always said it did not matter who played for him, he would just plug anyone in his system, and he would keep winning. Well, Cam Newton proved that was not true. I muse whether Bill does doubt himself now. Because I do.

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