Trump Family Moving To Blue Florida Counties Not Red

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There are only eleven blue counties in Florida out of sixty-seven and the Trump family cannot find a red county to live in? This tells you everything about this family. They will take your vote, but they are not gonna live with you. Just think about it, their family is hated in Florida blue counties. They are already banning together to make sure the Trumps do not live at Mar-a-Lago.

The Trumps would rather be hated by their neighbors than live in a red Florida county. That is how deeply Florida Republicans are being used. These people will not even live with you, yet you keep supporting them, why? Instead of setting up shop in The Villages and being worshipped, the Trumps are only looking at Dade and Palm Beach counties for a place to live. Those two counties are as blue as it gets.

Now they made this decision even before the Capital madness, so now the Trumps will be hated even more, but they will not live in a red county. What do you think that means? How do you feel about that? Is he going to put his presidential library in a blue county too? You know that kind of thing brings in good money for the city that hosts the library. What exactly is going on here?

My guess, the whole Trump experience was a fraud. I hope they convict him on impeachment, so the man can never hold office ever again. That is how I feel. I have been on an up and down roller coaster with this family and in the end, I see right through them now. I did not trust this family when they told us repeatedly, they had no business in Russia, only to find out they had a promissory note for a Trump Tower in Moscow.

I believe and it is my opinion that the fact they will not live in a red county tells me everything I needed to know about this family. The rest of the family is done in politics after the Capital scenario and they can kiss that Senate seat in North Carolina goodbye. They destroyed their own businesses in their endeavor into politics. They certainly ruined their political capital with all except the crazies crawling through windows at the Capitol.

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