Republicans Will Impeach Obama For Spying When They Take Back Control

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Since the Democrat Baby Boomers in Congress are destroying every institution, they ever got their hands on and because they just ignore the Constitution, the Republicans will have to fight back. If the Dems can just belie the Constitution and impeach a former president or a private citizen, then Obama will be next. Since the Supreme Court refuses to defend the Constitution when it counts, Obama is next.

There does not seem that there is any venue to defend the Constitution when the Supreme court feels it is too messy to get involved. States in this last election just ran right over the Constitution and swung an election a certain way and the high court would not even hear an argument on behave of our founding document. When we are in this situation, we must do something, we cannot just lie down for all of this. If we do, we will not have a country left.

The Constitution clearly states only the state’s legislature can change election laws and nobody else. Not a governor, not a court, and damn sure not a state’s Secretary of State can change the rules in the middle of an election, yet many states did it anyway. That same founding document succinctly states you can not impeach somebody who is not in office, but the Democrats are going to do it anyway. Welcome to the Pandora’s Box they have created.

Obama spied on the Trump Campaign, the transition team, and his presidency. They weaponized all sorts of governmental agencies in their reign and so-far got away with it. I am not holding my breath on the Durham investigation and certainly not the Supreme Court to remedy this. If they bypass the Constitution and impeach Trump as a private citizen, then the Republicans will have no choice when they get in power again to return the favor.

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