Blame The Supreme Court For What Happened At Capital

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I blame the Supreme Court for the violence that transpired at the capital on January 6th, 2021. The cowards of the court refused to take up and step in when states started violating the Constitution in the 2020 presidential election. The Constitution was under attack along with our election and the court refused to defend any of those things.

The Constitution implicitly states that only the state legislature has the power to say how the election is run in their state. It did not give that power to a governor, Secretary of State for the state, or their state courts. When Pennsylvania asked their legislature to change things about their election just weeks before the election, they said no. Pennsylvania went ahead and did it anyway. The result was that all sorts of ballets that were not valid were counted anyway and this action threw the entire election to the wrong person.

That and some other states and their chicaneries gave us a false election result. Now you have half the nation thinking that the election has been robbed and they needed to be patriots to save it. You add that to an irreverent president, and we had that powder keg at the nation’s capital. All of that could have been avoided if the Supreme Court would have defended the Constitution.

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