Sarah Palin Was Right About Death Panels CDC Chooses Who Gets Vaccine

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Sarah Palin was made fun of when she spoke of governmental death panels, but here we are. The CDC had a panel sitting around musing who gets the vaccine first and who will have to wait and possibly get sick or die while waiting. That sounds very much like what Sarah warned us of. Not so funny now, is it? I bet most of you want the vaccine.

I’m sure the usual suspects of anti-vaxxers care less, but most of us apperceive the importance of getting it as soon as possible. I’m angry the UK gets our vaccine before we do. Our government is outrageous to allow such a thing to transpire, but Palin warned of this kind of thing. When the government is involved, people are gonna die, that is just the nature of it all. #SarahPalinwasright

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