Pandemic Proves Universal Basic Income Necessity

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All this money the U.S. has spent on stimulus pandemic relief did not need to be borrowed. Putting America more in debt is an old Baby Boomer way of thinking. It is destructive and certainly not sustainable to keep borrowing money on a scale like that. Instead, Universal Basic Income would pay for all of this. There would be no crushing debt handed down to future generations.

Why our leaders have not brought Andrew Yang to the table to explain how UBI works is a huge mistake. Andrew was talking about a thousand dollars a month in UBI but he could scale this to the six-hundred dollars a week for everyone. The whole concept is to tax these giant tech firms who are becoming ridiculously rich and give the money back to the people. In this scenario America gets a piece of the profit like Alaskans do when it comes to the oil industry.

None of this is rocket science, it is very doable. We just need new blood in our government with new ideas to allow us to move forward on many issues including Universal Basic Income. Giving Americans that kind of security would make our nation healthier and stronger. It really is a no brainer. We just need some new faces in leadership, and we need the Boomers to step aside.

Problem is that they will never do that, they are the most selfish generation America has ever produced. These power-hungry scamps hold on to power to their very last breath. They are a menace generation that is not done destroying every institution and everything they touch. Their death must be the world’s death and they must squeeze out every last resource they can get their greedy little hands on. They are hell-bent on ruining it all.

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